Why medical cannabis use in teens is harmful

Is medical marijuana harmful to teens? Even some medical personnel cannot provide a straightforward answer to this question. Why? They can’t say something straight to this question if their mind is on the good side of cannabis. No one is disputing that cannabis has a good site, and many people have benefited from cannabis products. However, people should also talk about the unpleasant situation this plant can cause. 

school students engage in taking cannabis

So, we’ve heard many cases about how high school students engage in taking cannabis, and they assume all is well. So, we are here to prove to you that cannabis is harmful to teens. Even if the doctor prescribes cannabis to teens with a medical condition, they can still take it otherwise. Why? Medical Marijuana comes with ingredients that can make teens want more of it. If you consume too much marijuana, you may feel high, and the things you do at that moment will be different. And teens can find it interesting. 

They are prone to connect easily with things that make them happy at their level. Therefore, parents and guardians must be conscientious and watch over their children. Words are not enough to explain what is going on in high school these days. Some teens are exposed to the fact that cannabis can help them to come out of depression, and once they feel disturbed emotionally, they tend to use cannabis products to come out of that shell. 

However, in this write-up, I’ll explain the meaning of medical cannabis and proceed to why medical cannabis is harmful to teens. Hence, you need to pay attention and follow us closely. 

What is medical cannabis?

Cannabis itself is a medical plant that can be used to treat some medical conditions. It has a seed called Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis contains two major components that make it fit for medical conditions. Therefore, those components are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. And, of course, tetrahydrocannabinol is the one that makes people feel elated or high.

What is medical cannabis?

Hence, medical cannabis can be defined as medical marijuana used to treat medical conditions. There are several medical conditions that one can cure or treat with medical cannabis. For instance, cannabis is a perfect plant to relieve people from chronic pain and anxiety. Also, if you’re depressed and you find it so hard to sleep, cannabis can be of help. Research also shows that cannabis can be used to treat loss of appetite. 

If you suddenly lose your appetite, you can take a pill of a product can contain medical cannabis, and your urge for food will increase. In fact, do you know that medical cannabis can be used to solve some types of epilepsy? Of course, it can. 

However, despite all the good things we’ve discussed, marijuana is not an avenue for you to start looking for marijuana or cannabis. It is essential to note that the instruction to use medical cannabis should come from medical personnel. That is why some countries restrict cannabis.

Why cannabis is harmful to teens

Cannabis cannot be taken for fun. And we have seen countless times that teens only want to catch some fun and do things in common. We have heard about several cases in high schools where students want to feel elated and bring some cannabis products to school. 

Why cannabis is harmful to teens

That is why there are cases of mental disorders among teens these days. Oh! Do you know that consuming marijuana without being instructed by medical personnel can lead to a mental illness? Don’t be deceived. There are several cases like that in a psychiatric hospital. So, teens are not excluded. Taking cannabis can be harmful. What are the effects of taking marijuana?

Low intelligent quotient

One of the effects of taking cannabis is having a low IQ. Many teens have low intelligence quotients because they consume too many medical cannabis products. And what are the results of low IQ? If your intelligence quotient is down, you will have low academic performance. Many teens are in this stage. They have taken in products that contain marijuana, and their IQ gradually diminishes. So, if you want to stay on top of your academics, you need to abstain from products that contain marijuana. Visit http://cbd-corriere.com/why-medical-cannabis-should-be-in-doctors-prescription/ to read about Why medical cannabis should be in doctor’s prescription.

Mental disorder

Another effect of taking excess cannabis is a mental disorder. One needs to abstain from enjoying marijuana if one wants to enjoy life. At first, it looks like enjoyment when you take cannabis, and when the side effects come to play, one will have oneself to blame. Teens need to know all these things. You can stay without consuming products that contain marijuana.

Mental disorder

We need to hit the nail on the head. If you consume cannabis too much and have a mental disorder, your status cannot return to its original state, even if you consult a professional doctor. So, why can’t you stay out of cannabis? You don’t have chronic pain, and you’re not battling epilepsy, so why do you think you need medical cannabis? Please don’t deceive yourself. 


Why do you need to engage in things that can make you unsteady and restless? Restlessness is abnormal. What joy can one derive from being restless? So, teens need to stand aloof to cannabis. Don’t join your friends at school to do what they are doing. If you are unsteady, a lot of things will be affected. Do you know unsteadiness can even affect your performance at school? Do you know you can draw back in your studies if you’re unsteady? So, why can’t you drop marijuana? Of course, you can. What are we saying here? Unsteadiness is one of the outcomes of taking products that contain marijuana, and teens must stand against using it. 

On a final note

Dear reader, we hope you’ve seen something inspiring and educative here. We explained the meaning of medical cannabis, and we talked about why it is harmful to teens. We hope to see changes in the teen world with the above explanations. Finally, we are ready to provide answers to questions ruling your mind regarding this topic.